There is no real ending, it's just the place where you stop the story- Frank Herbert
Royce Sears
Science Fiction / Fantasy Author
Royce is a Navy Veteran, Nurse, Dog Lover, Cat Lover, Nature Lover, and thrill loving adventurist. From surprise roadtrips and walking the dog, to cruise ships and  international travel, Royce is always up for something new and exciting. 
Prophecies of the New World
Catastrophe befell Earth seventy-five years ago. An alien virus, accelerating evolution in wild and unpredictable ways, has devastated Earth and rendered humanity an endangered species. An ancient prophecy, a Warrior of the People, and his prophetic vision of an unknown youth may be the keys to healing both the human race and the planet.  
After he’s wounded in battle, Otaktay—a Warrior of the People—receives a vision which opens the door to the rediscovery of a lost and forgotten prophecy as old as the first people of North America. With the guidance of the Ma’iingan, he and his band of brothers—the Swooping Hawks—are sent on a desperate race against time to find and rescue the young man foretold by the Prophecy of the Seven Fires.  
In the New World, survival of the fittest is the rule as the struggle against savage, bloodthirsty predators and shifting paradigms creates an exciting and action-packed adventure where old magic and ancient prophecy shape the future.
Rich, compelling, intellectual treat of a novel...-Author Paul Levinson
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